Strategic marketing plans for not-for-profits

Strategic marketing plans for not-for-profits are more critical than ever, but far too often organisations get them wrong or Board's move in a different direction in spite of the best advice given.  We live in an age where communications mean everything for the success of your not-for-profit, you must embrace it as a long-term plan.  With government shutting down funding streams or changing them to a more person-centred approach, it is only those with a strong will to follow a strategic marketing plan who will survive.  

I am going to assume your foundations are correctly in place, which is a necessity before you start making any real strategic plans.  I have written before about these basics, which no organisation can afford to miss.  Once you have these basics in place, let the planning begin.  Just in case you think are ready to skip straight to the plans, take advantage of our free e-book to guide you in the most important element of your plan.

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