Don't Confuse Your Customers; Use Consistent Branding and be on Top

by Anthony Perl | 17-Jan-2019 09:00:00 | Business, Not-for-profit

What is brand consistency and why it matters.


The Trends Shaping The Future Of E-commerce

by Anthony Perl | 28-Dec-2018 18:23:00 | Business, Not-for-profit

E-commerce has gone from something which people were cautious about using to an acceptable part of everyday life. Every day more and more people are buying online and as a result an increasing number of businesses are integrating this technology, but what do you need to do to make it work for your brand?


Simple Marketing Tip: How to find the right customers

by Anthony Perl | 24-Dec-2018 14:59:43 | Business, Not-for-profit

Do you find that the client enquiries you receive are often from the wrong people? This week's marketing tip is to get you heading in the right direction toward finding the right customers/clients.


Simple Marketing Tip: Popularity v Leadership

by Anthony Perl | 24-Dec-2018 13:07:53 | Business, Not-for-profit

Are you looking to become a popular brand in the community in which you operate or is leadership something you value more? Take a moment to think about the difference between these two words.


Climbing the marketing ladder to raise brand awareness

by Anthony Perl | 24-Dec-2018 08:15:00 | Business, Not-for-profit

Are you busy thinking about how your business or not-for-profit can become an overnight success? Are you wondering how you can make a video go viral or a post get more likes?


Professional Website Building: Choosing the Right Options

by Anthony Perl | 12-Dec-2018 14:31:00 | Business, Not-for-profit

I have seen this question posted on many forums, how do you know you are paying the right price for a website? Is $500 reasonable, is $10,000 too much. Should I use a free tool? Should I be getting lots of quotes? The right price will always depend on your needs and more particularly those of the audience you are targeting.


Authentic marketing tips to get the most out of your brand

by Anthony Perl | 29-Nov-2018 15:25:43 | Business, Not-for-profit


We are building a library of authentic marketing tips to get the most out of your brand, whether you are in business or you are a not-for-profit, whether you are starting out or just looking to building on what you have already done. There is no quick fix when it comes to marketing, and with so many tools available and so many mediums on which to publish information, it is easy to lose site of what you really need to do.


Simple Marketing Tips: Don't Underestimate The Value Of Brand Awareness

by Anthony Perl | 23-Nov-2018 11:18:51 | Business, Not-for-profit

 Are you a business owner or a CEO?  What value do you attach to your branding?


Simple Marketing Tip: Good Marketing Is About Actions And Words

by Anthony Perl | 08-Nov-2018 17:06:45 | Business, Not-for-profit

Do actions speak louder than words when it comes to marketing?

This week's marketing tip is a quick insight into the answer to this question.

If you look around you can see lots of examples of brands who have a focus on actions while others tend to be more about the words. But is it really a case of one of the other?


Marketing and sharing intellectual property

by Anthony Perl | 02-Nov-2018 10:01:05 | Business, Not-for-profit

Simple Marketing Tip

Marketing and sharing intellectual property is a must for any business or not-for-profit.  If you are holding your intellectual property to close to you, barely sharing it with anyone unless they pay first, then your marketing will be suffering and so to will your bottom line.  Ask yourself, how can potential clients know how good you are and understand the knowledge/expertise you have, if you don't demonstrate it to them?
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