Why CommTogether?

by Anthony Perl | 14-Jun-2019 16:28:55 | Business, Not-for-profit

Before you consider working with someone, you want to make sure you are aligned in your purpose. 


Does your brand identity really matter?

by Anthony Perl | 05-Feb-2018 14:52:48 | Business, Not-for-profit

Every day we are swamped by brand images, whether you are walking down the street, watching TV or online. If you tried to take a count of the number of brands you were surrounded by each day you would be alarmed. But you should be more alarmed if you are in business or not-for-profit and realise nobody actually took notice of yours. If you are just starting out in business, then scroll to the end for some free advice on getting started with your brand identity.


Do's and Don't's of choosing a brand agency

by Anthony Perl | 05-Feb-2018 14:47:50 | Business, Not-for-profit

Are you trying to decide if your brand needs updating? Have you decided already and need help finding the right brand agency for the job? Are you starting a new business or brand and need to get underway on the fundamentals of marketing?


Choose your words carefully to maximise your marketing

by Anthony Perl | 22-Jan-2018 18:17:36 | Business, Not-for-profit

In an age where our attention span lasts seconds, it is more important than ever to make sure you choose your words carefully to maximise your marketing.  Too often the focus is on the way individual's likes to say things, rather than using words which best resonate with your audience.  The choices you make can be the difference between success and failure.


Increase charity awareness

by Anthony Perl | 29-May-2017 14:18:09 | Not-for-profit

To increase charity awareness, you must be producing content regularly which engages your audiences.  That means you must think well beyond talking about services or what you do and events/ways you are trying to raise money.  To have an effective strategy in place, so your cause can have a stronger voice in the community, you need to follow a 12 step process.  Content must be driven by the other steps in the process. 


Increase not-for-profit awareness

by Anthony Perl | 26-May-2017 16:19:06 | Not-for-profit

There is a major role that the expertise held within your stakeholder groups will need to play if you are going to increase not-for-profit awareness, as a long term strategy. You must harness the experts, whether they work for you or support you in some way. It is their knowledge which will ultimately be a source of generating ongoing interest.


Raising awareness of your not-for-profit or charity

by Anthony Perl | 22-May-2017 20:04:46 | Not-for-profit

Identifying communications platforms

Identifying relevant communication platforms is an essential consideration in your journey to raising awareness of your not-for-profit or charity. The days of only sending a newsletter out in the post four times a year have long since past. People’s expectation for more immediate and accessible information have given rise to a 24/7 news cycle. You need to pick and choose carefully where your organisation will play, to grow your audience.


Raising awareness of your charity - what do they want?

by Anthony Perl | 18-May-2017 01:07:50 | Not-for-profit

It may seem like stating the obvious, but raising awareness of your charity relies on you knowing what your community wants from you.  Once you have identified your stakeholders and started looking at who they are, you need to continue to follow, what is ultimately part of the 12 step process I have identified, to be effective in growing the reach of your cause. 


Raise awareness of your charity

by Anthony Perl | 06-Apr-2017 15:55:32 | Not-for-profit

What do they talk about?

If you want to raise awareness of your charity or not-for-profit, you have to take the time to consider your various stakeholder audiences and ask the question about each of them - what do they talk about?  Too often charities (and businesses for that matter), become so caught up in talking to people, they don’t listen.  This is just another part of our 12 step process, designed to make a long-term impact on the voice your cause has is in the community. 


Increase awareness of your not-for-profit or charity

by Anthony Perl | 06-Apr-2017 15:52:56 | Not-for-profit

Start with identifying your stakeholders

To increase awareness of your not-for-profit or charity - identifying your stakeholders is a key step. To have an effective strategy in place, so your cause can have a stronger voice in the community, you need to follow a 12 step process. It is a long term commitment, because while the annual events, like an awareness day, have their place, you can’t be sitting still the rest of the year.

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