Marketing same-sex marriage

by Anthony Perl | 05-Sep-2017 09:26:27 | content strategy

The marketing of same-sex marriage is hitting new highs as Australians are encouraged to vote; there is much for businesses and not-for-profits to learn from the campaigning. The advertising component is one thing, with businesses trying to capitalise on it, the roll out of celebrity endorsements in the media is another, and then there is the word-of-mouth campaign. What we are witnessing is a very concerted marketing campaign, particularly from one side, making it feel socially unacceptable even to consider voting no.


Not-for-profit survival tips for 2017

My not-for-profit survival tips for 2017 can be summed up in one word - 'communications'.  In particular, in 2017, you have to be part of the communications revolution.  Any not-for-profit (including charities community groups and NGO's)  has a lot of moving parts to it and various things to consider, but they all boil down to communications, to ensure they will work correctly.

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