How to find the right customers

by Anthony Perl | 24-Dec-2018 14:59:43 | Business, Not-for-profit | 0 Comments

Do you find that the client enquiries you receive are often from the wrong people? This week's marketing tip is to get you heading in the right direction toward finding the right customers/clients.

Context is important

Too often marketing is thought of as just a nice image and a catchy slogan. First of all 'advertising' is only one aspect of marketing. Secondly, and most importantly, any marketing message is only as good as the work you put in before you even get to the point of creating it.

Pretend you are on the look out for a new friend. Would you just walk up to a random stranger with a colourful sign that says "Let's be friends". Of course not. You have certain things you will be looking for in a friend, shared interests, age, location, style and any number of other factors. Not to mention, is a sign the best way to meet someone?

Now consider one of your current friends. How did you meet? Why do you still choose to hang out?

 You may not have have considered it this way - but you were and are always marketing yourself to your friend. The messages you deliver help determine whether you stay connected.

Now view the video below or read the transcript under it if you prefer.


From the video

 Have you established the right criteria for finding your audience? Far too often, people are not establishing a criteria or asking the right questions - they're trying to be everything to everybody and in so doing, you're nothing to anyone.

 If you find that you're not getting the right people getting to you and your audience is not really refined enough, then ask yourself: what questions should you be asking; what criteria should you be establishing to find the right audience for you.

 Have a close look at your marketing this week and decide is it specific enough? Is it really targeting your audience? Put yourself in their shoes. Would they respond to the kind of messages that you're sending out.

Want more?

The key to engaging with more customers/clients is making sure you talk to them in a way they will understand and relate to.  That means not assuming everybody will relate to one version of a message (check out this short article on how one word can make a difference).

Asking questions and looking at one small aspect of your marketing at a time is the key to unlocking the ultimate potential your brands has to explode. We are here to help, whether it is offering our weekly tips for you to do it yourself, or seeking us out for some direct one on one assistance.



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