Marketing 101 for charities

by Anthony Perl | 19-Apr-2018 16:43:29 |

Marketing 101 for charities is about fixing what should be your priority areas to address. As the battle for the funding dollar continues to hot up, and more and more different types of marketing options open up, it has never been more critical for a not-for-profit, notably a charity to have its foundations in place. The objective of this article is to give any CEO, Board member or General Manager two simple lessons including a checklist to follow.


Practical tips to grow your business

by Anthony Perl | 13-Apr-2018 15:16:19 | Business

As both a business owner and a marketer, I am often asked for some 'practical tips to grow your business'. We live in a confusing age where we are overwhelmed by information. If you are in business, no doubt your social media feeds are littered with ideas to help you take things to another level. But where to begin?


Cricket brand crisis - watch & learn

by Anthony Perl | 26-Mar-2018 12:48:26 | Business, Not-for-profit

The actions by Australian opening batsman Cameron Bancroft has led to a cricket brand crisis. The reactions of his teammates, team management, world cricket authorities, former players, commentators and the general public are all having an immediate impact on the brand. A crisis is all about reactions. While you can't turn back time on an incident, what you can do is be measured in your responses, because otherwise, the consequences can be exaggerated and even terminal. 


The truth about marketing your business

by Anthony Perl | 22-Mar-2018 14:49:37 | Business

Too many people are fed misinformation, so I want to set the record straight and deliver the truth about marketing your business. Everywhere you look, somebody is trying to sell you on how they turned their company around in a few days to be delivering six-figure monthly returns, or they will unlock the secrets to a 'killer' process. The fact is there is nothing magic about what any of them have to offer, it all involves hard work. The biggest problem is none of them will work if you don't have the fundamentals in place.


A brand refresh for my business

by Anthony Perl | 16-Mar-2018 12:07:56 | Business

Deciding to go for a brand refresh for my business is no less challenging than it is for anyone. In fact, being in marketing, any changes have more significant implications because it is an example of what I do for others. What better way to explain the process of revising your logo than using CommTogether as an example.


Pulling the right marketing trigger

by Anthony Perl | 27-Feb-2018 12:28:05 | Business

Pulling the right marketing trigger can be complicated, even if the solution may seem obvious to some. For example, if you were the President of the United States right now, would you ban guns? 


Why marketing loves an underdog

by Anthony Perl | 20-Feb-2018 21:54:53 | Business

Why is Wigan 1 - Manchester City 0, a great lesson for business?


How can your brand afford the marketing it needs?

by Anthony Perl | 14-Feb-2018 20:51:43 | Business

Your brand must find a way to afford the marketing it needs. If you are serious about growing your business and staying financially viable for years to come, then you need to be focussing on marketing. When you realise the scope of work which needs to be done you know you can not do it yourself.


Small business marketing consultant

by Anthony Perl | 05-Feb-2018 14:56:31 | Business

It's not my favourite term, but a 'small business marketing consultant' (in fact I am cringing as I type this*) is essential to most businesses success and long term viability. More than ever the skills of a marketerare breaking off into increasingly specialised subsets. There is no way a business owner can still be a jack fo all trades when it comes to marketing. If you are doing it all yourself, without any external guidance, then you are doing a disservice to your business.


Does your brand identity really matter?

by Anthony Perl | 05-Feb-2018 14:52:48 | Business, Not-for-profit

Every day we are swamped by brand images, whether you are walking down the street, watching TV or online. If you tried to take a count of the number of brands you were surrounded by each day you would be alarmed. But you should be more alarmed if you are in business or not-for-profit and realise nobody actually took notice of yours. If you are just starting out in business, then scroll to the end for some free advice on getting started with your brand identity.

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