Simple Marketing Tip: Assumptions can undermine the success of your marketing

by Anthony Perl | 14-Feb-2019 08:00:00 | Marketing tips, Not-for-profit, Business

Simple Marketing Tip 13


Rebranding: a first-hand account of how to get it right

by Anthony Perl | 14-Feb-2019 08:00:00 | Business, Not-for-profit

Deciding to go for a brand refresh for my business is no less challenging than it is for anyone. In fact, being in marketing, any changes have more significant implications because it is an example of what I do for others. What better way to explain the process of a rebranding than using CommTogether as an example.  Let me take you behind the scenes of what led to the name initially and then the review and implementation which I undertook.


Simple Marketing Tip: Dream about business marketing possibilities

by Anthony Perl | 07-Feb-2019 08:00:00 | Marketing tips, Not-for-profit, Business

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming in the office? About work, of course. Then if you haven't, then you're making a mistake.


Simple Marketing Tip: Make an immediate marketing impact

by Anthony Perl | 31-Jan-2019 08:00:00 | Marketing tips, Not-for-profit, Business

I am regularly asked for how to make an immediate marketing impact, something which will have a lasting impact. Immediately people start assuming I will recommend some form of advertising, but this never comes with a guarantee on the level of return on your investment. It requires strategy and time to design, structure, measure and tweak. There is a simple opportunity.

Before you watch the video. let me know if anything comes to mind?


I want to take you back - back to the time before technology mattered. You see we live in the world where technology leads the agenda.


The Importance of Brand Mantras in Drawing the Right Crowd

by Anthony Perl | 24-Jan-2019 08:00:00 | Business, Not-for-profit

Why developing a brand mantra will will grow your business  [keyword: brand mantra]

Are you finding the clients and staff you attract never quite fit your ‘ideal’ criteria? How do you attract the right people to your business? It’s not really that different to what you do in your personal life, yet those simple things are too often ignored by businesses.


Don't Confuse Your Customers; Use Consistent Branding and be on Top

by Anthony Perl | 17-Jan-2019 09:00:00 | Business, Not-for-profit

What is brand consistency and why it matters.


The Trends Shaping The Future Of E-commerce

by Anthony Perl | 28-Dec-2018 18:23:00 | Business, Not-for-profit

E-commerce has gone from something which people were cautious about using to an acceptable part of everyday life. Every day more and more people are buying online and as a result an increasing number of businesses are integrating this technology, but what do you need to do to make it work for your brand?


Simple Marketing Tip: How to find the right customers

by Anthony Perl | 24-Dec-2018 14:59:43 | Business, Not-for-profit

Do you find that the client enquiries you receive are often from the wrong people? This week's marketing tip is to get you heading in the right direction toward finding the right customers/clients.


Simple Marketing Tip: Popularity v Leadership

by Anthony Perl | 24-Dec-2018 13:07:53 | Business, Not-for-profit

Are you looking to become a popular brand in the community in which you operate or is leadership something you value more? Take a moment to think about the difference between these two words.


Climbing the marketing ladder to raise brand awareness

by Anthony Perl | 24-Dec-2018 08:15:00 | Business, Not-for-profit

Are you busy thinking about how your business or not-for-profit can become an overnight success? Are you wondering how you can make a video go viral or a post get more likes?

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