Simple Marketing Tip: Good Marketing Is About Actions And Words

by Anthony Perl | 08-Nov-2018 17:06:45 | marketing tips, Business, Not-for-profit

Do actions speak louder than words when it comes to marketing?

This week's marketing tip is a quick insight into the answer to this question.

If you look around you can see lots of examples of brands who have a focus on actions while others tend to be more about the words. But is it really a case of one of the other?


Marketing and sharing intellectual property

by Anthony Perl | 02-Nov-2018 10:01:05 | marketing tips, Business, Not-for-profit

Simple Marketing Tip

Marketing and sharing intellectual property is a must for any business or not-for-profit.  If you are holding your intellectual property to close to you, barely sharing it with anyone unless they pay first, then your marketing will be suffering and so to will your bottom line.  Ask yourself, how can potential clients know how good you are and understand the knowledge/expertise you have, if you don't demonstrate it to them?

Tips to design the perfect logo

by Guest blogger | 29-Oct-2018 16:07:38 | Business, Not-for-profit

If you are contemplating a updating your branding or developing a new one, we have some invaluable tips to design the perfect logo.

Brand identity is a key factor impacting the success of your businesses. Your business logo is one of the first things clients will notice about your brand and therefore can be the most important image they associate with your product or service. Your logo needs to be eye-catching and appropriate to the positioning of your brand so it connects with your audience. There is an art to designing a logo which needs to look professional while starting a story about your business, but not be over-engineered.  


Simple Marketing Tip: Be Careful Who You Listen To

by Anthony Perl | 22-Oct-2018 10:44:24 | marketing tips, Business, Not-for-profit

Simple Marketing Tips - The Foundations of Great Branding


How brand positioning can determine the success of your businesses

by Anthony Perl | 20-Sep-2018 08:00:00 | Business, Not-for-profit, non-profit

The secret to attracting business from the clients you want!

The secret to attracting business from the clients you want has everything to do with how you have positioned your brand.  If you are not sure what your brand is saying about your business, then you need to take a deep breath and read on.


I have never had a website, so why do I need one now?

by Anthony Perl | 01-Jun-2018 16:39:39 | Business, nonprofit, Not-for-profit

Every week I hear this statement disguised as a question by another business owner, "I have never had a website, so why do I need one now"? They are challenging me to somehow discredit what has kept them with a steady income for years. I do understand their logic, most businesses are built on the back of word of mouth. The gamble these days is, what happens if they look you up first?


Paying the right price for a website

by Anthony Perl | 01-Jun-2018 16:38:41 | Business, nonprofit, Not-for-profit

I have seen this question posted on many forums, how do you know you are paying the right price for a website? Is $500 reasonable, is $10,000 too much. Should I use a free tool? Should I be getting lots of quotes? The right price will always depend on your needs and more particularly those of the audience you are targeting.


Inconsistent Way the Business is Described

by Anthony Perl | 31-May-2018 08:00:00 | Business, Not-for-profit, nonprofit

Making your business memorable through words

Do you know what you are doing?  Do you know who you are doing it for?  Do you know how you want your brand positioned in the market (e.g. discount, affordable, luxury etc)?  Can you tell other people and while keeping it relevant, engaging and ultimately memorable?  Do you consistently deliver this message across all your materials and in conversations?


How do you attract the right people?

by Anthony Perl | 24-May-2018 08:00:00 | Business, Not-for-profit, non-profit

Are you finding the clients and staff you attract never quite fit your ‘ideal’ criteria?  How do you attract the right people to your business? It’s not really that different to what you do in your personal life, yet those simple things are too often ignore by businesses.    


Is your name bad for business?

by Anthony Perl | 17-May-2018 08:00:00 | Business

Is your name bad for business?  The answer is, it is part of your business name then more than likely the answer is yes.  Still not sure?  Ask yourself, is your business under performing; is the  revenue is not as high as you would like?

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